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Edmonton recording studio engineer Doug Organ playing grand piano in Paris

Edmontone Studio founder Doug Organ is back from an exciting year+ in Paris, and has wasted no time getting back to recording Edmonton & Alberta artists! His adventure began at Studio La Fabrique in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, in the South Of France (where Radiohead had just finished – that morning – recording “A Moon Shaped Pool”), studying analog recording techniques for a second time with renowned recording engineer Steve Albini (Pixies, The Stooges, Nirvana, Robert Plant & Jimmy Page, etc.) at one of the exceptional Mix With The Masters seminars. Next up was running an amazing artists’ residency in Paris’ Latin Quarter, called Break Art Mix. Here, Doug and his wife Amelia curated and hosted artists from all over the world, including Edmonton and Canada’s own Jom Comyn, Nickelas Johnson, Amy Van Keeken, Adam Fox, and Christian Hansen. Doug befriended some musicians and did some gigging in the city of light, too, and ended his European adventure mixing a fantastic album for living legends Ten Years After (!), which will be released in 2017 to coincide with the band’s 50th anniversary. All in all, quite a packed year! Doug is now comfortably seated again in the studio’s control room and excited to record your project. Email him here.

Welcome, Jesse Northey!

Ok, so this post has been a long time coming, but Edmontone Studio would like to heartily welcome producer, recording engineer, musician, and swell guy Jesse Northey on board! Jesse is very well known around Edmonton for his recording prowess, his patience, and his great singing and playing. Contact him here to discuss your recording project.

Jesse Northey, recording engineer at Edmontone Studio in Edmonton, Canada

Jesse Northey, recording engineer & producer at Edmontone Studio in Edmonton, Canada

Audio Mastering in Edmonton

Edmontone Recording Studio frequently gets asked if we do audio mastering. The answer is yes! We can present your mixes in the best light and make your album / EP / single competitively loud without destroying its lovely dynamic range. Mastering clients include The Lad Mags, Mikey Maybe, Nothing Gold Can Stay, Make Out City, Arrowz, Nuela Charles, and The Georgia Baths. Call us at (780) 757-5425 or email here with any questions or for an estimate.

Mix With The Masters – Steve Albini

I’m just back in Edmonton from studying recording in France with the one and only Steve Albini, and wow did I learn a lot! This seminar was totally analog, from recording on a Studer 2″ 24 track to mixing through a Neve 88R console to a Studer 1/2″ stereo tape machine. Steve went over analog tape machine setup and maintenance, microphone selection and placement, mixing techniques, recording studio psychology, and so much more. He had a lot of constructive stuff to say about my mixes, and I even managed to show him a thing or two. I’ve already applied some of the techniques I picked up and am loving the results, even though Edmontone Studio is primarily digital. Albini’s approach is minimal and elegant, and I hope it’s rubbed off on me and that I can bring some of that magic to your next recording project.

Doug Organ, Edmonton Recording Studio, Steve Albini

Doug Organ studying recording with Steve Albini, Studio La Fabrique, Mix With The Masters 2014

The year Edmontone took over Edmonton radio

Wow! Three of CJSR Radio’s four most played records of 2013 were recorded, mixed, and/or mastered right here at Edmontone Studio! Big up to The Lad Mags , Doug Hoyer, and Mikey Maybe (and to friends Amy Van Keeken, David Bowie, and Field Assembly, who also made the list! Check it out here.)

Cover of Lorde’s Royals

I was really feeling Lorde’s smash “Royals”, so in one evening I arranged & recorded an old-school flavored, Hammond organ based cover version. Some of my rules: only ribbon microphones and tube pre-amps would be used to record, and only plate reverb would be used to mix. The other members of my trio were unavailable so I gritted my teeth and did my best impersonation of a guitarist, aiming (loosely) for a Stax kind of vibe. Check it out here!

Colin Lay

I was very saddened to hear that Colin Lay passed away. Colin was my, and many of my friends’ and peers’, recording instructor at Grant MacEwan College. I can’t overstate how much I learned from him in just one year. He was incredibly knowledgeable about the physics and the art of recording, a thorough teacher, and he listened intently. He was one of the (younger) trailblazers of recording in Edmonton and contributed to the music scene immensely. Not just on record, either; if you’ve seen live music in Edmonton, particularly at The Sidetrack Cafe or The Edmonton Folk Music Festival, you’ve probably heard Colin’s live sound. I always appreciated his no-nonsense attitude. He wasn’t one to flatter, so if he paid you a compliment, it meant something. Thank you, Colin, and rest in peace.

Mastering Session at Abbey Road Studios

Abbey Road Crosswalk

Once again I knew I was going to be in London so I brought an album to the magnificent Abbey Road Studios to have mastered. Last summer we did Peter Belec’s ‘Melodic Miner’ disc with senior mastering engineer Peter Mew (David Bowie, The Beatles, Paul McCartney, etc., etc.) and this time it was the excellent Geoff Pesche (Gorillaz, Radiohead, Cadence Weapon) mastering Ido Van Der Laan’s upcoming album, title TBA. Here are some of the very nice and informative comments Geoff made during the mastering session. I wrote them down right away and as close to vertabim as I could.

“You’ve got the guitars recorded really nicely.”

“I like his voice. Nice.”

“It’s cost effective to master here when the mixes are good; if they were rubbish the bill would be [expensive].”

“I’m doing not a lot to these [mixes], so well done.”

“Wherever you’re going in your control room to get this, keep going there.”

“That sounds great. Please come see us again because this is a breeze.”

“You didn’t find the microphone you used to record that guitar in an alley.” (When I told him I found the bass drum I was playing on that song in an alley! It was a Royer R-121 blended with a Neumann KM 183, by the way.)

“Didn’t have to boost the mid range in any of them ’cause the vocal is present and the guitars are loud.”

“Well done!”

Abbey Road Mastering Room 5

Geoff really wasn’t compressing or limiting very much at all. On some songs the passive compressor was knocking off 2, 3 or 4 dB, and the limiter not much more than that. He credits the loudness of the master to the EMI TG 12410 Transfer Console, which was being run quite hot. It sounds amazing.

EMI TG 12410 Transfer Console

Some songs were transferred ‘flat’, or without any equalisation at all. For this one we were boosting 16kHz by 1 dB, medium blunt.

EMI TG Equalisation

Needless to say I had a blast. While we were waiting for the reference CD to write Geoff showed me how their Neumann record cutting lathe worked and even cut a few seconds of one of Ido’s song into an acetate.

Abbey Road Neumann Cutting Lathe


Stay tuned for Ido Van Der Laan’s awesome album!

Ann Vriend Video Shoot

Ann Vriend Recording at Edmontone Studio, Edmonton

AV was just in to record solo piano and vocal and shoot a video for a song commissioned by the Canada Tourism Commission. With Ann, 3 videographers, and their lights, it got pretty warm in the piano room.

New Tim Gilbertson Videos & Free Song Downloads!

We recorded these two songs live off the floor (minus vocals) and now, only days later, they’ve been made into awesome videos and are available for download from Tim’s website. These guys are going to be piling into their steal of a Rock Van and touring across the country this Spring and Summer. Watch for ’em!