CH&TA video

A song in progress by Christian Hansen & The Autistics. Bryan Shpeley is cranking out the guitarmonies here.

Piano Tuning

Bruce Bischoff of Piano Action tunes our Yamaha C3 grand piano. Whenever Bruce is here I don’t just get a beautiful sounding piano, I also get a physics, music, and …

Gear rack

The new gear rack is built (that’s it on the right), looking great,¬†and ready to go. Well, maybe needs just one more distressor…

On The Rhodes Again (groan)

Setting up, fixing up, and cleaning up this Mark 1 Rhodes piano is taking me waaaaaaay back. Got my first Rhodes in ’95 or so… Excerpt

We Are Three!

To celebrate our impending 3rd birthday, we are trotting out a new and improved website. Here it is, welcome to the new site!