Mix With The Masters – Steve Albini

I’m just back in Edmonton from studying recording in France with the one and only Steve Albini, and wow did I learn a lot! This seminar was totally analog, from recording on a Studer 2″ 24 track to mixing through a Neve 88R console to a Studer 1/2″ stereo tape machine. Steve went over analog tape machine setup and maintenance, microphone selection and placement, mixing techniques, recording studio psychology, and so much more. He had a lot of constructive stuff to say about my mixes, and I even managed to show him a thing or two. I’ve already applied some of the techniques I picked up and am loving the results, even though Edmontone Studio is primarily digital. Albini’s approach is minimal and elegant, and I hope it’s rubbed off on me and that I can bring some of that magic to your next recording project.

Doug Organ, Edmonton Recording Studio, Steve Albini