Keyboards for Kaley Bird

On the other side of the glass today! I played some Hammond B-3 organ and Wurlitzer piano on a couple songs of Kaley Bird’s, with producer / engineer Terry Tran …

Michael Amirault in session

Producers Brad Smith and Fred Brenton (a/k/a The Fredditor) were in session this weekend with awesome young artist Michael Amirault. They’re working on an EP called The Most Blessed Man.

Piano Tuning

Bruce Bischoff of Piano Action tunes our Yamaha C3 grand piano. Whenever Bruce is here I don’t just get a beautiful sounding piano, I also get a physics, music, and …

Gear rack

The new gear rack is built (that’s it on the right), looking great,¬†and ready to go. Well, maybe needs just one more distressor…

On The Rhodes Again (groan)

Setting up, fixing up, and cleaning up this Mark 1 Rhodes piano is taking me waaaaaaay back. Got my first Rhodes in ’95 or so… Excerpt